The Science of Leaking

“There are volunteers that want to help out. That’s one of the experiences we made, also. It’s very, very complicated to manage lots of volunteers ….”

Daniel Domscheit-Berg gave a presentation on OpenLeaks at the 27th ChaosComputerCongress (27C3) in Berlin, on December 30, 2010. This presentation is very interesting as it describes the tasks one has to deal with when starting a Leak-project. It covers workflow, organisational issues, and the tremendous amount of management challenges that arise when dealing with so many parties and people involved in such a project. Insofar it is fascinating even if you’re not specifically interested in OpenLeaks or WikiLeaks. Whoever is capable to run such a project is able to run any major company, NGO, or government organisation. Social movements need more persons with such expertise (and kindness).

A transcript of his presentation was done by Clay Shirky and posted on his blog. (Thanks to @cshirky for linking to both.)

A short while ago had on its frontpage a link to an article by Mica L. Sifri of techpresident that describes the development from WikiLeaks to OpenLeaks. The links provided there are valuable too.


* * *

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