Beyond Greed And Scarcity

There is enough of everything for everybody’s needs.
There is not enough for everybody’s greed.
– Bernard Lietaer

Bernard Lietaer is an economist from Brussels, Belgium, an expert on monetary systems. His thoughts about the causes of financial crisises, on structural unemployment, ecology, and the Shadow of Money are intriguing. Here are two talks he gave not long ago.

“You will not be able to solve climate change with the current money system. You will not be able to address the unemployment within the current system.”

via RT by @raffa (on identica) of @zoupic (on twitter). Thanks for pointing to.

Lietaer promotes the idea that communities should develop their own complementary currencies to circle parallel to national currencies in order to bridge the gap between short- and longterm payment-obligations. In this “TEDxBerlin” talk from November 30, 2009, he develops his model from an ecological perspective. The open source software for complementary currency management Lietaer is talking about at the end might be Cyclos.

I found this video on Bernard Lietaer’s website.


* * *

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