Ax Genrich & The Whole Live in Frankfurt

Ax Genrich is an outstanding guitarist. A godfather of German psychedelic rock music, his work is always on the brink of new soundscapes. His improvisations explore (and thereby create) new territories in the borderland of rock, jazz, ambient, elektro. The maturity of his play is breathtaking — relaxed, humorous, tense, dark, joyful, laid-back, angry, excited … all with a mastery of play that is second to none.

The following is a recording of a concert Ax Genrich and The Whole gave at January 23, 2011, in Frankfurt (Germany). The first set is a solo performance of him, the other sets show the mesmerizing interplay between him and The Whole. Regrettably, I could not find more information about the members of The Whole. They are all stunning musicians and all play with pure joy. Enjoy!

Ax Genrich solo:  “Instant Mindmelt”

“Ebony Girl”

“How to feature a drummer”

“Shine” (Pt.1)

“Shine” (Pt.2)

“The right way to say goodbye”

Thank you Detroit1967 for making this concert available. You can find more on Ax Genrich here (in German).


* * *


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