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The Annoying Effects of the Hierarchy of Angels

There is a simple explanation for all ills. Really, it is so simple that it is a wonder we haven’t thought about it already. It’s so obvious. There is indeed a perfect explanation why our bureaucracies are so dysfunctional as they are. Why we neve… Continue reading

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The Love of a Mother

It was around the time when I was five years old that I reportedly began to ask visitors to my mother’s house whether they won’t take me with them. I would be good in doing house work, I suggested in front of my embarrassed mother. It had been a h… Continue reading

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The Silent Life of Dreams

There once was a dream that tried to become awake. It had fallen asleep long ago, spent endless times tossing and turning, dreaming nightmarish things now and then. It dreamt of awakening ??? of becoming a full-fledged dream. As it slept it prowled … Continue reading

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