Dust Bunnies

At times even the grumpiest old bachelor will recognize his flat to be populated with dust bunnies. Made of dust, lint, hair, skin, and a good portion of this.and.that, those little flocks sit under beds, furniture and in corners, just everywhere we don’t look until one day we find the whole apartment populated by them. Then the strain sets in: clean them up or ignore them. Interestingly, it takes huge amount of energy to ignore them; and it is amazing how much power these clumps can exert. They suck our energy, they force us to constantly look away.

This is not to say that they only live and grow when we intensely try to ignore them. It rather seems they live and grow while we are asleep. The monsters beneath our beds – mostly tiny growing dust bunnies feeding off our dreams, rocking to and fro, relaxed and comfortable, while we are asleep. It’s a miracle how they grow and how they manage to stay invisible until they are not only very large, but in company of many others. There doesn’t seem to be a middle phase – they are not there, and then, one day, they are, full-fledged and with all their comrades in arms.

If they were only small balls of hairy stuff, we might be at ease. But their ability to grow invisibly, their power to make us look away, their strange ways of coming to be …. that should make us pause. They don’t seem to be just clumps of stuff.

I’m not talking “Gremlins” here. Dust bunnies don’t seem evil or particularly frightening. They are just dust bunnies, sitting around, exerting their ability on us to squander lots of energy with ignoring them until one day we can’t stand this drain any longer and clean them up and put them in the bin. That’s it. Nothing special.

No, the problem is not the dust bunnies, but our adjustment to their ways of making us ignore them. It is as if they’d tell us “Hey, look! We are your tiny little blind spots, keep ignoring us!” which, of course, we can’t, so that one day (it’s always one day) we can’t stand it any longer. Dust bunnies have the capability to bank our energy until it bursts and forces us into a frenzy of activity. We don’t like them and we don’t attend to them in kindness. It is as if we were angry that they made us ignore them so long (or: at all) what lies at the heart of our outburst when we start to clean them up.

Some people are followed by chaos, turbulences, calamity. It seems as if they have a kind of invisible dust bunnies, “chaos bunnies” so to speak, around them, as if in their aura, this invisible energetic space, tiny karmic dust bunnies were propagating. Chaos bunnies seem to grow in the auratic surroundings of a person like dust bunnies grow under our furniture or beds: little tiny balls or flocks of this.and.that, with a subtle energetic radiation in the ambiance of such a person. Chaos bunnies move in the wake of them, and that is why we come to feel that there are persons who are destined to “attract” chaos. In fact, they don’t attract them at all, they just can’t help that they tend to pop up around them. (Interestingly, in recent years the chaos bunnies seem to have entered the aura of more people than ever.)

Those chaos bunnies behave like the dust bunnies we know from our houses. They grow invisibly until one day they break forth all at once and the poor person is overwhelmed with a conflagration of totally different and seemingly unrelated struggles that apparently came from nowhere and refrained from staying there. They come all at once. Shit doesn’t only happen – it happens concentrated and always in huge quantity. Otherwise it wouldn’t be shit.

Like their siblings the dust bunnies, chaos bunnies grow invisibly and show right form the start the same annoying and perplexing power to make us look away – until, one day, in an act of rage (always in an act of rage) or in panic (the mirror image of rage), we confront them head on. Only to find ourselves overwhelmed, insecure, and at a loss. Chaos bunnies, like dust bunnies, are powerful entities in how they make us ignore them and by doing so grow invisibly until the day they appear all over the place. In both, our recognition is not one of attentive scrutiny or discovery but of angry acknowledgement that we haven’t recognized them much earlier. That simple scrutiny or discovery can be transformed into a kind of resentful intensity, in some kind of being offended by finding ourselves having purposefully but unconsciously glossed over our surroundings, this transformation is the true power of the chaos bunnies. This is the reason why not only can’t we see problems rising but also why problems are never free of emotional charge. Telling yourself that a problem is a chance (or some other kind of advanced coffee klatsch) just presupposes the problem already being solved. There are good reasons why positive thinking doesn’t work. It deals with problems as if they were already solved, adding a layer of magic to the already frightening power of the chaos bunnies. Trying to examine and contemplate them without emotion and reservation is like trying to see dust bunnies grow without looking away. Kitchen magic and karmic effronteries don’t work that way. Unfortunately. 


* * *


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