The Tao of Information

Snippets :

01. Too much infomation makes you stupid. Too few information makes you self-centered.

02. The flow of information is not the stream of information. The Tao is not in the carrier.

03. Abundance in the realm of nature nourishes us, abundance in the sphere of information stresses us.

04. The rise in diversity and abundance in the sphere of information (data, patents) contrasts with the decay of species, languages, cultures in the sphere of nature. As things are connected, what does this shift mean?

05. If information is a “difference that makes a difference” (Gregory Bateson), then what is a difference – at all?


* * *

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2 Responses to The Tao of Information

  1. doctoromed says:

    We are the conduit, not the effluent.


    • simsa0 says:

      Are you sure? :) At times it feels both ways. But In fact, the image of the tao as flow, as fluid, seems to me rather misguided — inviting, as you mentioned, the dichotomous images of conduit and effluent.


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