A Note on “The Wire”

Did it ever occur to you that your beloved The Wire is a reactionary soap? Just look at the values it promotes. It says: The only viable way to live a decent life, to achieve something, to even have a life at all, is to do everything you can to follow the path of the white middle class: Get the kids to school, play by the rules, work hard, obey the laws, the order, the chain of command, your superiors, your ‘hood, never stray afar. Live righteously, don’t even dare to look for a life beyond. Doing so only brings you harm and pain. It kills, it makes you a drunk, an outlaw, a loner, and in the end you’re dead if you not repent. That is the true sense of the claim why The Wire is so “realistic”. Not because of its “sociological” approach in picturing police, gangs, crime, media, politics, trade unions, education. But because it uses these angles to repeat its message that the values and way of life of the white middle class is the only way that works. Don’t deviate from that path or you’re out, broke, and dead. There is no alternative. This is what The Wire brainwashes you to accept. With cute actors, deft action, and hilarious dialogs. And every Guardian reader falls for it.

* * *

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