Why Germany Keeps Hitting

This is why Germany relentlessly demands from Greece to repay all its debts: It cannot be that someone doesn’t repay his debts and comes out as winner. In lecturing the whole world about this, Germany hides the fact (esp. to itself) that it is exactly this kind of state itself. [1]

It’s simply projection: Germany denounces in others (and tells itself a fairy tale thereupon) what it cannot stand in itself. That’s why the accusations are so pedantic, moralistic, relentless. The shame that it doesn’t live up to its self-proclaimed noble standards. Beat Greece into submission before it shows everybody that the emperor has no clothes.

The moral is this: He who is guilty will insist on others to be righteous, so that his world becomes just and he can keep ignoring the sins of his past. (Pursuing) Justice is a means to ignore one’s own grave misconduct. [2]


[1] Germany didn’t repay its debts from WW II, never paid reparations, got a tremendous debt relief in 1953, barely paid compensations to victims and survivors of the Nazi era, never paid compensation for the genocide of the Herero and Nama, didn’t have a balanced national budget between 1969 and 2014, etc. Its current public debt is about 2,2 trillion Euro.
[2] I had this on my mind for quite some time, but it was an interview with Thomas Piketty by the German weekly Die Zeit (“Deutschland hat nie bezahlt“, DIE ZEIT Nº 26/2015, June 27th, 20:09; english translation) that provided the specific twist. See also Benjamin Studebaker, “Piketty is Right: The Germans Never Repaid Their Debts“, which includes charts in support of Piketty’s claims.


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One Response to Why Germany Keeps Hitting

  1. doctoromed says:

    Morals are what people acquire when they can’t afford an imagination.


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