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Beyond Greed And Scarcity

There is enough of everything for everybody’s needs. There is not enough for everybody’s greed. – Bernard Lietaer Bernard Lietaer is an economist from Brussels, Belgium, an expert on monetary systems. His thoughts about the causes of financial cri… Continue reading

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A Triage of Books

When the parents of a friend of mine finally had to leave their home and re-settle in a nursing home, it became Nadina’s task to dissolve their old appartement. Her parents had lived there for many years, and it was heartbreaking for her mother to… Continue reading

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The Science of Leaking

“There are volunteers that want to help out. That’s one of the experiences we made, also. It’s very, very complicated to manage lots of volunteers ….” Daniel Domscheit-Berg gave a presentation on OpenLeaks at the 27th ChaosComputerCongress (27C3… Continue reading

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